Let’s Talk Business with Stephanie A. Wynn

Basic Foundations of Starting a Business-Guest Spotlight with Tammy Johnston

Episode Summary

During episode #51 our host Stephanie A. Wynn interviews special guest Tammy Johnston founder of KSA Business, a business consulting agency, that focuses on the aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs (start-ups). Tammy’s mission is to build better entrepreneurs to build a better world!

Episode Notes

What You Will Learn During This Episode:

  1. Mindset
  2. Marketing Plan
  3. Create Systems In Your Business
  4. S.M.A.R.T Goals
  5. Obtain Competent Advisors

Business Tips Takeaway:

1. Have a Mindset To Succeed

2. Create A Marketing Plan

3. Obtain Competent Advisors

4. Pay attention to your Financials

5. Create Systems in writing

For more information about Tammy Johnston visit ksabusiness.ca To schedule a consultation with VirLinda Stanton visit: https://ksabusiness.ca/offerings/small-business-class/


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